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Assembly Instructions

So, you accidentally threw out the product assembly instructions? No problem. Choose and click on the product link below to download a printable PDF of your missing assembly instructions.
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Product Image  Item # Product Description
 72536 72536 Poly Water System Assembly
 72601 72601 Poly Water System Assembly
 72683 72683 Poly Water System Assembly
 74176 74176 Crank Replacement




Product Image Item # Product Description
  2370500 Ames ReelEasy®   Bench-style hose reel
  2380500 Ames  High-capacity hose wagon
  2384675 Ames ReelEasy®   Poly hose cart with hose guide
  2385575 Ames ReelEasy®   Poly hose cart
  2385630 Ames Fold & Store™  Poly folding hose cart
  2386275 Ames ReelEasy®   Poly hose cart with utility tray
  2386375 Ames ReelEasy®   Poly hose caddy
  2388100 Ames ReelEasy®   Portable hose cassette with hose
  2388310 Ames ReelEasy®   Wall mount poly hose reel
2391600 Ames ReelEasy®   Decorative poly hose hanger
  2391875 Ames ReelEasy®   Deck style hose reel with swivel base
  2397200 Ames ReelEasy®   Decorative aluminum wall mount hose reel with swivel feature
  2397400 Ames ReelEasy®   Decorative metal hose cart
  2398110 Ames ReelEasy®   Aluminum Wall Mount Hose Reel
  2398200 Ames Water Genie™  Water Genie™ Bottomless Watering Can
  2517000 Ames ReelEasy®   Decorative Metal Hose Cart
  2517100 Ames ReelEasy®   Decorative Metal Deck Hose Reel
  2391375A  Ames ReelEasy®   Designer Series Poly Hose Reel
  2415500  NeverLeak® Poly Wall Mount Hose Reel with Manual Hose Guide
Product Image Item # Product Description
  2469500 Ames Rake & Go™  Folding leaf removal cart
  CP6DWSY Ames  6 cubic foot poly wheelbarrow with dual wheels


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