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My Favorite Flower!

Avatar of The AMES Companies, Inc. The AMES Companies, Inc. said on

We want to hear from you about the flowers you love most and why you love them. Is it the color, the smell, what birds they attract? Let us know, we can’t wait to hear from you!

  • Avatar of sandra robinson sandra robinson said on

    I love seeing flowers peeping through the snow in my winter garden. Pansies and Hellebores (Christmas Rose) are my two favorite winter blooming plants. They are a reminder of the diversity of the plant world while lifting winter blahs.

  • Avatar of Elizabeth Gonzalez Elizabeth Gonzalez said on

    I love bluebells, especially the way they go from pink to blue as they open. They’re also so easy to grow here. But this time of year, my favorite is sweet pepper bush, It smells amazing and is always loaded with bees.

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