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Avatar of Sean LaValle Sean LaValle said on

Spoke with Luke awesome customer service he told me EXACLTY how to go about getting parts for discontinued product which I’ve had for a couple of years and his information was so helpful I was able to fix my hose reel for $1.12!!!!!!! Ames is great!!!!

  • Avatar of Ron Miller Ron Miller said on

    About 3 months ago, I purchased an Ames 4 Wheel 4 cubit foot lawn cart. I really have enjoyed using it; however one of the 5 inch rear wheels cracked. I sent a note to customer service to find out if this can be replaced? Anyone have a similar issue like this? Still using it like a wheel barrow.

  • Avatar of Bob Holcombe Bob Holcombe said on

    Sent note to Customer service with no response. need to find replacement crank Handle ( Broke in half) for metal Wall mount Never Leak reel – Part # not listed. Anyone know where I can find?

  • Avatar of Marshall Rowles Marshall Rowles said on

    trying to find handle for a 10×10 tamper part # 70180 in/near 22406

  • Avatar of alan quaethem alan quaethem said on

    Ii have a old ames pony spade and the handle broke and I have been looking for a new handle for it, no luck can you help

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