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The Tool You Can't Live Without

 Pam Denlinger said on

For summer gardening, what’s the one tool you think I should get? I don’t have a ton of land. Two small gardening plots and some container gardens? Looking for some advice as to what I should seek out!

  • Avatar of Eliza Hillary Eliza Hillary said on

    Mine are weed control spray and a scuffle hoe. Well we get our lawn mowed regularly from professionals at “” for weed and some pest control.

  •  Ronald Gupton said on

    Action hoe….best tool ever.

    •  Pam Denlinger said on

      Thanks, Ronald! I have to get one of those!

  • Avatar of Elizabeth Gonzalez Elizabeth Gonzalez said on

    I abuse my digging shovel–that’s the tool I couldn’t live without. But I have my eye on adding a garden spade to the collection this year to give the digger a break.

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