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NeverLeak Metal Wall Mount Hose Reel

Wall Mounts#2398110

Ames ReelEasy® Metal Wall Mount Hose Reel
Ames ReelEasy® Metal Wall Mount Hose Reel2398110_L_02.jpg2398110_L_03.jpg2398110_L_04.jpg


Add some style to your outdoor living space with this attractive wall mount hose reel. Holding up to 125' of 5/8" diameter hose, the floral-inspired pattern is a great addition to any garden. Unlike plastic water systems, Ames® NeverLeak aluminum water system won't cross thread or leak under normal use.


15.88″ height × 14.97″ width × 19.16″ depth


5 Year

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  • Corrosion resistant metal construction

  • Durable NeverLeak Aluminum Water System

  • Holds up to 125' of hose

  • Leader hose included