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Lawn Seeding: Best way to reseed your lawn

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1. Remove any old spots of grass, rocks and/or weeds by digging them out with a round point shovel. Make sure the soil area is free from debris and the soil is fairly loose.

2. Using an extra-wide aluminum landscape rake, work the soil back and forth to prepare it for seeding. Finish grading the soil by raking it level with the rake.

3. Lightly sprinkle grass seed onto the area, being sure to get even coverage. Follow instructions on the grass seed bag based upon the specific size of your project. You may find a hand-held spreader or walking spreader work best, depending upon the size of your area.

4. Once the grass seed is spread, the area will need to be watered. Use your hose to water the soil enough to keep the top inch of the seed bed moist until the seed germinates.

5. After the grass blades sprout, you will still need to water a couple of times per day. A garden hose sprinkler can be used to maintain moisture.

Insider Tip: An extra wide aluminum landscape rake allows you to prepare soil quickly for seeding.


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