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Hoses – Different Types for Different Uses

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Garden hoses are designed to carry and deliver water. Even within the garden hose category, there are many choices, in terms of material, size, length, couplings. There are “special” use hoses as well that are designed for specific tasks.

Hose Materials. From a material standpoint, there are basically two types:

1. Vinyl - Vinyl hoses are most popular with the homeowner as they are lighter weight, easy to use, and very versatile.

2. Rubber hoses - Rubber hoses are heavier, and often preferred by contractors and professionals, as they are heavy-duty and long lasting.

(There are also some hoses with a combination of the two materials, commonly referred to as “Rubber-Vinyl”)

Hose Features. For the homeowner, there are a few things to consider when looking at hose:

1. Length of the hose - A general, all purpose hose length of 50’ is frequently used for reaching the driveway to wash a car, or water the greenery by the sideway or patio. Longer lengths such as 75’ and 100’ or even longer are good to use for longer reach areas such as the back of the yard or more distant spot from the spigot.

2. Hose Diameter - As for hose diameter, the most common is 5/8” diameter. Also available is ¾” diameter hose, often preferred by contractors and professionals, it can help deliver more water volume over time, but is also larger and slightly heavier to use.

3. Couplings - Most hoses come with couplings already attached. There will be a “female” coupling on one end, which connects to the water spigot. There will be “male” coupling on the opposite end, which can connect to a multitude of hose-end attachments such as sprayers. Couplings can be either made from poly or metal, typically brass. Metal or brass couplings can range from small to large, heavy duty sizes and material thicknesses. While there are a variety of choices in the coupling, they typically will fit all spigots and hose end thread sizes.

Specialty Hoses. There a number of specialty hoses for specific uses as well:

1. Soaker Hose - A “soaker” hose is great to use during the warmer weather to provide continuous moisture to outdoor plants and flowers. These hose are typically porous rubber, allowing the water to very slowly “weep” from the hose. They come in sizes ranging from 10ft to 25ft or longer and can be run along the area close to plant roots to deliver a slow continuous flow of water.

2. Sprinkler hose - These are often flat hoses, with multiple pin-holes on one side. They can be spread over lawns or specific areas to deliver a rain shower of water.

3. Hot Water Hose - Hoses should always be used with ambient water temperatures, and hot water should only be used in hoses specifically designed for hot water use.

As most homes have multiple spigots outside, and sometimes in the garage, having more than one hose is a real convenience! Hoses can be stored on a hose hanger, or stored in a hose reel for added organization. A hose reel can also hide a hose when it is not in use. Using a hose reel is especially convenient with longer length hoses (over 50ft.), making them easier to reel back in and stow away.

At the end of the season, a hose should be completely drained of water and neatly coiled and stored inside for longer life.

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