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AMES® Reinvigorates Brand With New Logo, Colors and More

AMES®, a leading manufacturer of lawn and garden products, is proud to announce the revitalization of its visual image. Powerful, unifying and unmistakably recognizable, the new AMES brand logo and colors reflect this iconic American brand.

Customers will immediately notice some significant changes, including:

  • A new brand logo that reflects the time tested and enduring values of the AMES brand.
  • A visual brand language, including new colors on the tools and easily recognized point of purchase materials
  • “Est. 1774” is embossed into all shovel heads, along with the AMES logo, as a reminder of the brand’s longstanding and distinctly American lineage

“The AMES brand is older than the country itself, and many of the values that the brand was founded upon are those that formed the backbone of America,” said Eric Bernstein, Vice President, Marketing and Product Development. “We evolved the AMES logo and brand presence to reinforce the brand’s legacy of manufacturing quality lawn and garden products and to connect with today’s end-users.”

Founded in 1774, the AMES® brand is the third oldest in the country, and its tools literally helped build America, playing a prominent role in shaping the infrastructure and foundation of the country for more than 200 years. Among many iconic examples, AMES products built Revolutionary War ramparts, connected the nation via the Transcontinental Railroad, carved Mount Rushmore, and installed the Statue of Liberty.

As it helps consumers get the job done, the AMES brand continues its domestic manufacturing and sourcing tradition – whether by North American ash wood handles produced in AMES wood mills or shovel heads forged at the AMES plant in Camp Hill, Pa. This approach to manufacturing provides local jobs and supports the communities and country in which the brand originated.

While AMES tools stand the test of time, they continue to evolve. AMES focuses on innovations based on customer feedback and two examples of such innovation are the comfort step, designed for secure footing on shovel blades, and ergonomically designed hand tools for added user comfort.

To enhance the brand look, the AMES team conducted qualitative and quantitative customer research to find out which designs resonated best among buyers of lawn and garden tools. Online surveys and in-person interviews conducted across the country helped confirm the design of the products in the AMES portfolio.
AMES continues to provide top quality offerings in the long handle and hand tool, hose reel, and outdoor wheeled cart product categories. You can find AMES lawn and garden products at retailers nationwide.

About The AMES Companies, Inc.

The AMES Companies, a wholly owned subsidiary of Griffon Corporation (NYSE:GFF), is the leading, as well as the oldest, manufacturer of lawn and garden tools in the U.S. Headquartered in Camp Hill, Pa. (near Harrisburg). The company manufactures and markets a wide variety of long-handled tools, wheelbarrows, carts, hose reels, hoses, snow tools, cutting tools, hand tools, pruning tools, and striking tools as well as outdoor lifestyle product categories such as planters and outdoor accessories. AMES® is a brand of The AMES Companies. To learn more, visit or find us on Facebook.