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Gardening Ergonomically

You spend hours in your garden bending, kneeling, standing and sweating. While taking care of your plants, don’t forget to take care of yourself. When it comes to your tools, make sure that you’re using ones that are ergonomically friendly to help reduce strain on your body.

TCCART_L_01.jpgGarden Carts

Our garden carts have various ergonomic benefits when it comes to hauling your tools and supplies. The handles on our Total Control ® Garden Cart are looped, enabling you to unload the cart without letting go. The dual wheels give you added stability and make it much easier to push over uneven ground while wheeling throughout your yard. Our Lawn Buddy is a cart that doubles as a seat when its lid is down, eliminating the need to sit on the ground.

Ergo Gel Grip Hand CultivatorGel Grip Hand Tools

Using hand tools often requires a tight grip. Our Gel Grip handles provide your hand with a cushion of comfort whether you’re weeding, scooping or transplanting. The gel grip cushion is located on an area of the handle where your hand exerts pressure and features a slight dip where your thumb can be placed. Using these tools will help minimize the strain on your hand.

Comfort Steps

Digging a hole or edging a garden bed can take a toll on your feet when taking those first stabs into the ground with your digging shovel. Our Comfort Step is an extended part of the blade where you can place your feet as you make that first dig. Your foot is exerting pressure on a wider area that feels flat instead of a thin area that can feel sharp. The cleats on the step also prevent your foot from slipping as you use it.

Action Hoes

For those who have trouble bending or getting up and down from the ground multiple times, our Action Hoe enables you to weed without kneeling on the ground. The looped blade fits right under the weed and the long handle enables you to use the tool with quick pushing and pulling motions to cut the weed’s roots.

Make Garden Tasks Easier

Gardening is not a task for the faint-hearted. With this in mind, we like to make sure that our gardeners and landscapers get a comfortable experience while working hard. As you garden, pay attention to the activities that cause extra strain on specific areas of your body and look for tools to ease the strain.

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