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President Donald J. Trump Marks 100th Day in Office with Visit to AMES

CAMP HILL, PA, May 2, 2017–The AMES Companies, Inc. (AMES), founded in 1774 and a wholly owned subsidiary of Griffon Corporation (NYSE: GFF), welcomed President Donald J. Trump on his 100th day in office, along with Vice President Michael R. Pence and Secretary of Commerce Wilbur L. Ross, to our wheelbarrow manufacturing plant located in Harrisburg, PA. Following a tour, President Trump signed two executive orders, adding another milestone to the company’s rich American history.  Other honored guests included Secretary of Veterans Affairs David J. Shulkin and Director of Trade and Industrial Policy Peter Navarro. 2017-04-29 - President Trump Visit to AMES Harrisburg Factory

It’s wonderful to be at AMES, an incredible company with a rich, rich history,” President Trump said during the executive order signing ceremony at AMES. “Centuries ago, before our country was even founded, this company produced the tools that helped to build our nation. Later the AMES tools would be used to build the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, the Hoover Dam, just to name a few.”

AMES began in 1774, when Captain John Ames started making the colonies’ first metal shovels in West Bridgewater, Massachusetts. Since its inception 243 years ago, AMES has grown to be America’s leading manufacturer of long-handled tools, wheelbarrows, planters and lawn accessories, snow tools, striking tools, garden hoses and hose reels.

AMES tools have played a significant role in U.S. history. From building monuments to laying the groundwork of the nation’s earliest infrastructure, our tools built America,” said Mark Traylor, President of The AMES Companies. “We were honored to host the President, Vice President and Secretary of Commerce, and have the President showcase our history and commitment to manufacturing in America.”

AMES has become a global company since its humble beginnings back in 1774, but the company remains committed to manufacturing in the USA. The AMES Companies manufacturing capabilities include woodturning, steel forming, steel forging, metal stamping, tempering, welding, injection molding and assembly.

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About AMES

The AMES Companies, Inc., founded in 1774, is the leading U.S. manufacturer and a global provider of long-handled tools and landscaping products for homeowners and professionals. Headquartered in Camp Hill, PA, the company manufactures and markets a wide variety of long-handled tools, wheelbarrows, cutting tools, garden hoses and hose accessories, striking tools, snow tools, decorative garden accessories and planters. AMES’ brands are among the most recognized across their primary product categories. Its brand portfolio includes AMES®, True Temper®, Razor-Back® Professional Tools, Jackson® Professional Tools, Southern Patio®, UnionTools®, Dynamic Design®, Garant®, Westmix™, Kelso™, Cyclone®, Nylex®, Northcote™ and Hills®.

About Griffon Corporation

Griffon is a diversified management and holding company conducting business through wholly-owned subsidiaries.  Griffon oversees the operations of its subsidiaries, allocates resources among them and manages their capital structures.  Griffon provides direction and assistance to its subsidiaries in connection with acquisition and growth opportunities as well as in connection with divestitures.  In order to further diversify, Griffon also seeks out, evaluates and, when appropriate, will acquire additional businesses that offer potentially attractive returns on capital.

Headquartered in New York, NY, the Company was founded in 1959 and is incorporated in Delaware.  Griffon is listed on the New York Stock Exchanges and trades under the symbol GFF.

Griffon currently conducts its operations through three reportable segments:

  • Home & Building Products consists of two companies, The AMES Companies, Inc. (“AMES”) and Clopay Building Products Company, Inc. (“CBP”):

o       AMES, founded in 1774, is the leading U.S. manufacturer and a global provider of long-handled tools and landscaping products for homeowners and professionals.

o       CBP, since 1964, is a leading manufacturer and marketer of residential and commercial garage doors and sells to professional dealers and some of the largest home center retail chains in North America.

  • Telephonics Corporation, founded in 1933, is recognized globally as a leading provider of highly sophisticated intelligence, surveillance and communications solutions for defense, aerospace and commercial customers.
  • Clopay Plastic Products Company, Inc., incorporated in 1934, is a global leader in the development and production of embossed, laminated and printed specialty plastic films for hygienic, health-care and industrial products and sells to some of the world’s largest consumer products companies. 

For more information on Griffon and its operating subsidiaries, please see the Company’s website at