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Tips for Making Fall Beautiful

It’s time to transition your yard and flower beds for Fall! Learn some of our tips to keep your property looking great throughout the season.

AMES Dual Tine Poly Leaf Rake with Hand Rake


1) Establish a Raking Routine
Keep your yard fresh! For a new raking experience, try out our Dual Tine Leaf Rake!

Clog Free Dual Tines!
This rake features 2 rows of tines which work together: the second row of tines picks up what the first row left behind. The tines are also designed to be clog free which m2714000_L_03akes your raking more efficient.

Rake in Tight Spaces
This rake also includes a detachable hand rake that reaches underneath shrubs and in-between plants. Some people even use this hand rake as an extra hand to transfer piles of leaves. Click here to learn more about our Dual Tine Leaf Rake.

2) Clear Your Driveway and Sidewalks
Keep your driveway and sidewalks safe by raking away leaves and other material that may cause someone to slip. Our Steel Tine Rake is uniquely designed to rake against paAMES 22-Inch Steel Leaf Rakeved and unpaved surfaces. The steel tines are flexible yet durable to smoothly rake against rough surfaces without dragging. Click here to learn more about our Steel Tine Rake.

AMES D-Handle Drain Spade

3) Dig Deep and Uproot
It’s time to remove any plants that did not survive in the summer. Removing a plant can seem like an intimidating task but when you’re using the right tool, you’ll have the confidence you need to do it successfully. Our Drain Spade features a long and narrow blade that reaches deep to dig beneath a plant’s roots. It also features a Comfort Step that provides stability and increases your digging pressure. Click here to learn more about our Drain Spade.

AMES Steel Landscaping Edger

4) Redefine Edges
Make your landscape beds stand out by touching up their edges during the fall as they may have lost their definition towards the end of summer. Our Landscape Border Edger makes this easier for you. With a serrated blade edge for a deep and defined cut, handle bars for control, and a foot plate for stability, edging will feel like a piece of cake before you know it! Click here to learn more about this Edger.


AMES Bedding Fork

5) Final Call for Mulch
Mulch not only provides beauty and consistency in appearance but also nourishes and protects your soil. Give your flower and garden beds one last layer of mulch before the winter kicks in. Try using our Bedding Fork for scooping and spreading mulch. This tool might not be what you first think of for spreading mulch but give it a try and see how well it works! Click here to learn more about our Bedding Fork.