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Hose Reels 101

Poly Hose Cabinet

NeverLeak® Poly Hose Cabinet

Although we’re almost at the end of summer, the weather is still hot and your plants need plenty of water. Without the right water hose storage, watering can be a tedious and cumbersome task that you dread. Stop coiling your water hose on the ground and start storing it in a way that makes watering easier. Follow our guide for choosing the right hose reel and you’ll be on your way to an improved watering experience.

Question 1: Do I want my hose reel to be mobile?
First decide whether or not you want your hose reel to be transportable to the areas you water. If your answer is ‘yes’, move to Question 2 but if your answer is ‘no’ then move to Question 3.

Poly Hose Cart

NeverLeak® Poly Hose Cart with Utility Tray

Question 2: Do I want to wheel or carry my hose reel?
Wheeling your hose reel is a significant benefit if you have a large area to water. Our Hose Carts include a variety of features ranging from 2 to 4 wheels, utility trays and different types of handles.

Maybe you have a smaller yard and are limited in storage space, if this is the case we also offer a Hose Cassette. Our hose cassette is a lighter weight which makes it ideal for lifting to different areas.

Metal Hose Cabinet

NeverLeak® Decorative Metal Hose Cabinet

Question 3: Do I want my hose reel to sit on the ground or mount to the wall?
Our Hose Cabinets are hose reels that sit on the ground and stylishly hide your hose. If you’d like your hose reel to blend in with your outdoor décor and reduce attention to your hose, this is the best option for you.

Metal Wall Mount Hose Reel

NeverLeak® Decorative Metal Wall Mount Hose Reel

If you’re not sure that you have space for a Hose Cabinet, we also have Wall Mount Hose Reels which enable you to wind your hose without bending over or kneeling. These hose reels also have aesthetically pleasing benefits to add to the outdoor décor of your house.


No need to worry if you can’t remember all of these factors when you’re at the store, just follow our question map to decide which Hose Reel you want!

Learn more about our Hose Reels by viewing our collection!

Choosing the Right Hose Reel