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Tool Storage

We’re halfway through summer and you’ve been using a variety of garden tools at this point. Has the process of gathering your tools from your shed or garage been easy or cumbersome? If you want to make a change in how you keep your tools organized, checkout our tips!

2 Things to Keep in Mind
Before you start your tool organization project, keep these two elements in mind:
1) Safety First
Think about who will be near the area where your tools are stored. This is especially important if you have kids or pets frequenting this area. You don’t want them to easily bump into anything that could fall on them. You’ll also want to note that some tools need to be positioned differently than others. For example, a garden cart might be better sitting on the ground instead of hanging on a wall.
2) Space & Accessibility
Think about how much storage space you have to work with and how much space you need to maneuver past cars and other objects when you’re removing and putting back your tools in their designated storage area. Since most gardening tools have long handles you’ll want to think about how you need to turn and carry them to take them in and out of their storage space.

Peg BoardTool Storage - Peg Board
If you don’t have a lot of floor space, peg board is a great way to utilize empty walls to hang your tools. By using peg board and hooks, you can hang a variety of long handled tools as well as small hand tools. This prevents you from trying to balance your tools on the floor,  where their handles tend to get tangled. Pegboard storage also makes it easier to separate tools from each other and identify them.


Tool Storage - Drawer


Drawers and Shelving
Drawers are useful for storing hand tools and keeping sharper tools like our Planter’s Pal tucked away in a space that isn’t exposed. Shelves are also great for hand tools as well as other gardening accessories like gloves that need to air out at the end of each use or plant food that is regularly accessed.



Floor and Wall SpaceTool Storage - Cart against Wall
For large gardening tools like a garden cart, the floor is probably the best spot to provide stability. You can also use empty wall space to lean a cart or wheelbarrow.

Hose Storage
Your hose is probably the most complex gardening tool to store. Fortunately we have a wide variety of hose reel options that will suit your needs whether you want your hose to be mobile or stored inside a hose cabinet. Checkout our variety of hose storage options here.

Tool Storage - Hose Reel

Be Creative
You may find that a combination of these ideas works best for you. You know your needs the best so get creative but remember to stay safe!

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