The NeverLeak® Water System

The Only Thing Leaking Will Be Tears of Joy

The aluminum NeverLeak® water system in our poly and steel hose-winding carts, cabinets and reels never leaks. It will also never rust, freeze, crack or corrode. We can see those happy tears now.

How NeverLeak® Works:

8× Stronger Than Plastic

While other plastic and even steel units can become brittle and crack during the winter, the NeverLeak® aluminum water system is strong enough to withstand temperature drops in cold winter weather and won’t corrode. You’ll no longer need to worry about replacing or patching up your hose reel each year because of leaking from weather damage.

Eliminates Cross-Threading

Cross-threading can occur when your hose doesn’t align perfectly with the water system as you attach it. The metal thread from the hose brass fitting can cut into the plastic threads of a traditional water system leaving small cracks which will cause leaking. The NeverLeak® water system will prevent this cross-threading from occurring.

Available in Multiple Hose Reel Styles

Whether you need your hose reel to roll with you or stay mounted to your wall, the NeverLeak® water system is available in multiple styles of hose reel units. For stationary units, the NeverLeak® system is especially beneficial to endure the changes in temperature during the colder months of the year. With the movement that occurs using a hose cart, the aluminum connection will provide security and stability for the connection between the hose and the reel.

NeverLeak® Collection: