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Ergo Gel Grip 3-in-1 Weeder

Hand Weeders#2445500

Ergo Gel Grip 3-in-1 Weeder


The ergo gel grip hand weeder is used for weeding and small root removal. The tool is perfectly sized for flower beds and small vegetable gardens. The weeder features an ergonomic handle design with a soft gel-grip insert that cushions the hand and provides maximum comfort. The head is of made of strong stainless steel for the most durability. Great for gardening in tight spaces, as well as open gardens.


14″ height × 1.5″ width × 2″ depth


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  • Convenient hole for hanging

  • Grip includes gel insert

  • Sharpened edge - weeder tip - and serrated edge

  • Stainless steel multi-purpose tool