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DIY Garden Ghost

| Beginner

Add some Halloween flare to your garden or front yard using your shovel! It just takes four simple steps to create your DIY Garden Ghost.

Weeding Wars

Flower Beds | Beginner

Weeding is a vital maintenance task to make sure your garden is growing healthy and looks great! There are a lot of different weeds that could grow in your garden and there are a variety of tools that you can use to tackle them. Learn about the different tools you can use to come out as the winner in your weed wars.

Building a Compost Pit

Composting | Beginner

Recycling scraps from your garden, yard and kitchen table is a cost-effective and organic way of helping your garden grow. The breakdown of leaves, grass clippings, fruit peels and other matter helps produce a nutrient-rich substance that can enrich your soil. While there are many ways to start composting, creating a composting pit is a simple way to get started on this process.