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Divide and Transplant Perennials

Flower Beds | Intermediate

Perennials are the workhorse of the flower garden. In ideal conditions, they’ll spread and bloom season after season with very little maintenance. Over time, however, they can become overcrowded or outgrow their locations, requiring dividing and transplanting. The best time to do this is in when they’ve gone dormant, which for most plants occurs in the fall.

Clear and Edge Like the Pros

Gardening | Intermediate

Creating professional beds with precise curves and straight edges is a cinch if you have the right tools. A proper edge shows your plants to their best advantage and prevents grass and weeds from creeping into your beds. It also makes mowing easier, reduces trim work and protects plants from mower damage.

Do the (Garden) Math

Gardening | Intermediate

Over time, plants in a garden drift. More aggressive plants overtake their shyer neighbors; shrubs overshadow smaller plants. Some plants may stop growing or blooming due to crowding, while others may be too dense. While a certain amount of plant drift may be welcome—after all, it’s your perennials’ way of letting you know where conditions are best for them—other drift may be unwelcome and require interference to keep your garden looking its best.

Fall is a good time to survey your landscape, see how your plants are doing and do some adding, subtracting and dividing.