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Project: Container Garden Getaway


Have a lot of space but not a lot of time? Maybe you have plenty of time but not a lot of space. And of course maybe it’s a combination of both for you. Whatever your situation is, if you want to relax and enjoy your outdoor space follow these guidelines for creating a simple Container Garden Getaway!

Step 1: Choose Your Space

If you’re limited on time, space or both make sure to use an area with an existing flat surface like a porch, patio or deck. Make sure there are areas that provide shade so that you can relax in the space for long periods of time.

Step 2: Decide on Your Ambience

Combining different colors and shapes with your plants, planters and outdoor furniture creates different types of ambiences for your setting. Determine a color scheme that you like and use that as a guidepost for picking out your flowers, planters and other elements that you want to add to your space. Learn more about choosing a planter from Southern Patio. Incorporating a variety of plants like flowers, small trees and shrubs will also contribute to creating a relaxed atmosphere.

Step 3: Determine Your Level of Maintenance

Think about your schedule and how much time you have to maintain your container garden getaway. This will also help determine what types of plants you want to implement. Annuals will need to be removed and replanted in-between seasons and perennials will not need to be replanted, only maintained. Start out small with 2 to 3 planters and expand as you learn what works best with your schedule.

Step 4: Fill Your Planters

Whether you’re planting shrubs, small trees or flowers, you should be set with a few hand tools to put everything together. Using a soil scoop, fill the bottom of the planter with potting soil but leave room for the plant that you will be transplanting so that you do not have to dig a hole. Use a hand transplanter to transfer the plant from it’s container to your planter and fill the remaining space with potting soil. Using a hand rake, smooth out the soil to an even level and make sure to water your plants.

Step 5: Enjoy

Pick out a nice chair to relax in and enjoy your new getaway space!

For this project, you’ll need: