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Project: DIY Garden Ghost

| Beginner

Add some Halloween flare to your garden or front yard using your shovel! It just takes four simple steps to create your DIY Garden Ghost.

Step 1: Secure Your Shovel

Using your Round Point Shovel, stick the blade down into the ground until it’s deep enough to remain standing on its own.

Step 2: Placing the Planter

Use a poly planter for your ghost’s head by placing it on top of the shovel’s end grip. Checkout Southern Patio’s wide variety of planters for this step:

Step 3: Spreading the Sheet

Place a white bed sheet (we recommend using a twin size bed sheet) on top of the planter and spread it in a way so that it looks like a ghost’s body.

Step 4: Adding the Face

Cut out two eyes and a mouth using black paper Using tape, stick the paper on top of the sheet at a spot where the face should be and you now have your very own Garden Ghost!

For this project, you’ll need: