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Project: Weeding Wars

Flower Beds | Beginner

Weeding is a vital maintenance task to make sure your garden is growing healthy and looks great! There are a lot of different weeds that could grow in your garden and there are a variety of tools that you can use to tackle them. Learn about the different tools you can use to come out as the winner in your weed wars.

Step 1: Clean Sweep

Weeds usually grow in large masses. Some have shallow and weak roots while others have deep and strong roots. Use our Action Hoe® to take a first pass at the weed-covered areas of your garden bed to eliminate the weeds that can be easily removed with the Action Hoe’s looped head. The advantage of this tool is the shape of it’s head which enables it to cut the root of the weed below the ground’s surface. Just place the blade in front of the weeds you want to remove and use a pushing and pulling motion to remove them. This tool is also available in a mini version for smaller spaces.


For areas with taller weeds and long grass, try using our Weed Cutter in a sweeping motion to remove the unwanted growth.

Step 2: Chop

Some weed roots are more stubborn than others. Using one of our garden hoes, chop at the root of the more stubborn weeds for additional pressure for removal.

Step 3: Probe and Pry

Get to the bottom of the root by using one of our tools that has a narrow head. Our Dandelion Weeder and Ergo Gel Grip Hand Weeder are both good options for probing deeply into the ground to pry out deeply rooted weeds without uprooting any surrounding plants.

Step 4: Level

After you’ve finished removing your weeds, make sure to smooth out any uneven areas of ground. Use a garden rake to smooth out the area of ground where you were working.

For this project, you’ll need: