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You bring the ideas, and we’ll gather up the tools and meet you in the yard. Just let us know what you’re planning to do, and we’ll provide a list of tools you’ll need to get the job done right.

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Now, use these tools to do the job right:


Edging Beds

Consistency is key when it comes to edging your garden beds. Don’t settle for wobbly edges! We have the right tools to help you create or define a precise edge to your beds.

  • Spades feature a sharp blade shaped to create the edge you want whether straight or curved
  • Rotary Edgers help maintain the definition of your border throughout the warmer months

Learn more about the benefits of these tools in helping you edge your beds!

  • Garden Spade

    Garden spades have a flat, arched blade that cuts straight and curved edges perfectly to create professional edges for garden beds. Their short handles and D-grips make them lightweight and easy to use.
  • Floral Garden Spade

    Floral garden spades feature narrow, flat blades and short handles perfect for edging beds and digging in established gardens without disturbing surrounding plants. They’re lighter and smaller than digging shovels, making them perfect for raised beds and precision work.
  • Landscape Border Edger

    Landscape Border Edger