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The Right Tool for the Job

You bring the ideas, and we’ll gather up the tools and meet you in the yard. Just let us know what you’re planning to do, and we’ll provide a list of tools you’ll need to get the job done right.

First, Choose a Task:

Now, use these tools to do the job right:


Transplanting Shrubs and Small Trees

Transplanting can be a smooth process when done with the right tools. Whether you need to transplant from a container into the ground or from one ground spot to another, our tools will help you with the transition.

  • Drain Spades are shaped with a narrow head for uprooting the plant in transition as well as creating the right depth for the planting hole
  • Hand Trowels work like a drain spade for smaller spaces if you’re removing a plant and creating a new hole

Learn more about the unique features of each type of tool below.